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Main » 2010 » February » 12 » On feeling as long as two weeks, "sleep a beauty" in England is very distress
8:48 AM
On feeling as long as two weeks, "sleep a beauty" in England is very distress
Not long since, the fairy tale of "sleep a beauty" is how much little girl the dream in the heart, hope oneself the ability is kissed by the beloved prince to come to.But according to England 《everyday post 》February is 10, there is a 15-year-old young girl in England, she is called "sleep a beauty" by the family and friends, but her life isn't as fine as the nursery tale sort-she starts to sleep to feel come endless, seriously influenced normal study and daily life, is this she is very distress.

***A feel as long as two weeks

15-year-old young girl Louis a kind of insect?Powell comes from fertile letter in city in the southwest of England, because of suffering from one strange disease rare in kind, she usually start to sleep to feel to don't come to for several days, can sometimes sleep for two weeks at a time.

Afterwards she is confirmed to get a gram of Lai boon-Lai the text comprehensive disease(Kleine-LevinSyndrome), also call to relapse sex to love to sleep a disease, is the disease that a kind of nerve mess causes.Drowsy or simply when the sufferer is taken bad for a long time just wake up just while having a meal or going to the stool asleep, but wake up the behavior method of future trouble will change, usually performance immature, vacant and silent few speech, lack vitality and feelings.Some persons even if at awake of time can not also go to school, work to even look after he or she.However is sleeping a period outside, sufferer again completely recover as usual.

According to the introduction, this kind of disease the outbreak lead in the male higher, but the young man more easily goes into action and usually disappears after arriving adulthood.To this kind of disease didn't°yet accurate therapy, some doctors will give the patient some stimulating medicine to make them keep awake appearance.

***Flu is "the root of all evil"

Actually the Louis a kind of insect isn't and naturally "sleeping a beauty", her mother speaks, she appears this kind of to love to sleep symptom after 2008 recovered from illness from flu."Her performance weary, and have been disappearing an amendment.Have a class at school can fall asleep, the Du Rang in wears and doesn't understand any other people at all and be like at say the talk in a dream is similar, "the mother Luo Di of Louis a kind of insect say.

Doctor's inception didn't know as well what problem, just say may be what hormone causes.To in November, 2008, the Louis a kind of insect can already sleep for 10 days at a time.She usually sleeps soundly after 22 hours, her parents calls her to get up to have a meal and top bathroom, then she also returns to a bed to up immediately after sleep.

***Sleep past life

Because go to bed, she misses school examination and dances a course.

The father of Louis a kind of insect complained:"Calling her to get up is very difficult, but we know to get to eat for her to drink water.When she come to, we hold firmly time to eat for her, but slept for a week or 10 divas, she all didn't remember these by herself."

In March, last year, the Louis a kind of insect arrives at a hospital of the south of London, the doctor is just end to confirm for her.The doctor prescribe some medicines for her, but seem don't have what function, she goes to bed of time is more and more long, can attain for 12 days at a time.

The last summer Louis a kind of insect whole family travels, in going home of airplane, once the Louis a kind of insect sleep not to rise, the family have to wait all passengers to lift her again to get off the airplane after walking.She immediately after slept for 7 days again after going home.

Still once the whole family planned 7- days trip that the bivouac spends a holiday, result Louis a kind of insect the whole process in all in the sleeping, missed all activities.After waking up, she is also this but vexation thousand times, but the owner is all incapable to this to is dint.

***Treatment see first light of day

Now doctor and then changed for her a kind of medicine cures a method and hopes to reduce time that she goes to bed.The father of Louis a kind of insect says that this method looks it's promise well, she has never appeared to love to sleep symptom for 7 weeks already, hoped she can as soon as possible recover as usual.

According to didn't get this kind of paroxysm person in the family of Louis a kind of insect all.
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