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The Byelorusian S.S.R. beauty is seen as"national strategic resources" now and be subjected to "special business protection" and fell among an alternative war with no nitric smoke:Take part in concentration training, check and accept farm tax and excise tax, can not again drive foreign company employment, each want to go abroad of young misses have to get the government writing form approval.

Chien but speech it, forbid beauty to go abroad.

In fact, the Byelorusian S.S.R. is drawing lessons from experience in Turkmenistan, should Central Asia the nation thinks that the square tries to strictly protect national beauty and avoids being married by the foreign man to walk, really arrestment not, the related perso ... Read more »
Views: 78568 | Added by: glf | Date: 2010-02-12 | Comments (117)

The male female student of a flock of Korean junior high school strong line of school that takes off a female student takes to combine to collectively torment her a video frequency to expose on the net, immediately a stone arise 1000 F wave.

This video frequency has exposed in the main gate website since the 7th.At grow 1 divide the video frequency of more than 20 seconds in, a female student is in the small beard of living quarter together in drive strong line of take off schools to take, bare a top half, side have more than 20s the male female student to round a view.According to calculate, that video frequency may be a graduation ceremony on that day the students are at surrounding beard in the school together in cause Sao disorderly after, the residents in the small area by hand the machine clap next.

In the video frequency, after victimizing a fem ... Read more »
Views: 55223 | Added by: glf | Date: 2010-02-12 | Comments (19)

A man in Saudi Arabia doesn't know what is importance and on TV and greatly talk oneself is from the gorgeous history of 14-year-old beginning, the result is indicted, and is sentenced for 5 years, and the whip Xing is a 1000 times.

According to the report way, this man boasts him by himself from the 14-year-old beginning on the satellite television channel of a Lebanon, and female have sexual behavior, also describe a detail in detail, arose the public indignation of Arabian personage of the conservative in the world, aggrandize own price as a result, is 5 years penal servitude and 1000 whips.
Views: 15851 | Added by: glf | Date: 2010-02-12 | Comments (9)

Not long since, the fairy tale of "sleep a beauty" is how much little girl the dream in the heart, hope oneself the ability is kissed by the beloved prince to come to.But according to England 《everyday post 》February is 10, there is a 15-year-old young girl in England, she is called "sleep a beauty" by the family and friends, but her life isn't as fine as the nursery tale sort-she starts to sleep to feel come endless, seriously influenced normal study and daily life, is this she is very distress.

***A feel as long as two weeks

15-year-old young girl Louis a kind of insect?Powell comes from fertile letter in city in the southwest of England, because of suffering from one strange disease rare in kind, she usually start to sleep to feel to don't come to for several days, can sometimes sleep for two weeks at a time.

Afterwards she is confirmed t ... Read more »
Views: 4190 | Added by: glf | Date: 2010-02-12 | Comments (0)

The ranking of the most sexy beauty in the world always drive a group of Hollywood actresses or have France of romantic romantic feeling and Spanish beauty occupy, since then from the beauty of mysterious Arabian nation but usually is neglected.The Arabian nation that abounds in petroleum equally abounded in one to have foreign country romantic feeling, worth is paid attention to of sexy fairy, below come right away to uncover their veils:

1.Janet ·Di ten thousand(Jenna Dewan)

There are half of Lebanese blood relationships on her body, at the age of 5 then be fond of last dance, behind is discovered by a choreographic broker, follow behind Jenny ·the right bower is lousy, the Rui is strange ·Martin, and super boy...etc.'s famous music person's etc. once ascended a cruising of world-wide locations to play satge and in addition returned to once play the D of Gu Si ·Ting wave Lai gram and Man Di ·the music videotape of Mo Er.After it excellent condition and cultivated ma ... Read more »
Views: 47824 | Added by: glf | Date: 2010-02-12 | Comments (1)

The website starts movement and invite friends to often see......
Views: 7992 | Added by: glf | Date: 2010-02-12 | Comments (0)

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