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Main » 2010 » February » 12 » Strictly forbid the Byelorusian S.S.R. beauty of "export"
9:02 AM
Strictly forbid the Byelorusian S.S.R. beauty of "export"

The Byelorusian S.S.R. beauty is seen as"national strategic resources" now and be subjected to "special business protection" and fell among an alternative war with no nitric smoke:Take part in concentration training, check and accept farm tax and excise tax, can not again drive foreign company employment, each want to go abroad of young misses have to get the government writing form approval.

Chien but speech it, forbid beauty to go abroad.

In fact, the Byelorusian S.S.R. is drawing lessons from experience in Turkmenistan, should Central Asia the nation thinks that the square tries to strictly protect national beauty and avoids being married by the foreign man to walk, really arrestment not, the related personnel then has to pay "buy back freedom a fee" of USD 50,000 to the nation.

The affairs cause is easy, Lu Ka states that the section by chance discovers, are especially all foreign beauties on almost all female molds of big advertisement card of way both sides various each kind in capital city clear Si gram City, inquire why didn't see Byelorusian S.S.R. beauty:"The misses of our beautiful looks is where all?"Nearby adviser answer said, Byelorusian S.S.R. all most charming misses immigrated to abroad, all drive foreign mold especially company high pay dug to walk.

The all of the Byelorusian S.S.R. beauty big eye, Gao Quan Gu, long hair and height is in one meter 8 above, have the shape of "devil" sort, is a foreign company to fight to be the first the object that"lure"s by USD 1,000,000 contract.Many people headed for world, from was sealed for Mary Ya of the world mold in New York several days ago ·the Di reaches a Luo child the world young lady second prize Ao Er adds till 2004 ·the Du Jin Si card Ya, from 2004 Brazil young lady Nuo tower benefit Ya ·the guest reaches a Suo's child the world tour young lady Mary Ya till 2003 ·Ma La, Shen Ke Wa, , they all the tender heart dedicate to be rich with in the world of man.Moreover there are also up to 100 Byelorusian S.S.R.s female molds especially, every day be not in the most famous T type on the stage performance in world be appear on the movie or the television.

The Byelorusian S.S.R. president thinks this to is very serious problem, the second to none female in great quantities runs off west, will make the nation disgraced, the whole race are weakened, have the Sun the national dignity, decide to be free from a limiting"eastern beauty export" phenomenon to declare war, from nation direct and completely control beauty matter of going abroad.

On a government working conference, Lu Ka states that the section again speaks of this problem, emphasizes to impose sanction against those persons who collaborate with offshore company partnership"sell Byelorusian S.S.R. beauty" by law and requests Interior Minister and police's bureau chief to check to check all abroads that the beauties go abroad an application and cut worker, university student and visitor in the meantime to stay time in person.

Byelorusian S.S.R. mold especially the boundary was subjected to serious influence, some molds especially, the mold train a school, mold especially the companies be especially subjected to a check, 500 misses are subjected to a survey, clear Si gram City famous Nuo tower the benefit is second ·Ma Kai Mo especially the school is closed.

Mold especially boundary some personages feel worried to this, the most famous mold in Russia especially manager, leaf Er, of the company don't  pull the child think and lost the protection of company, the misses will can not get formal work and labor income guarantee, mold especially the boundary can not participate in an international competition, female molds may be forced to turn a line to be engaged in the most ancient occupation under the living pressure:Prostitute, this to Byelorusian S.S.R. will more is disadvantageous.
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