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Main » 2010 » February » 12 » The Korean girl is picked by the classmate light clothes torture video frequency net ascend crazy spread
8:58 AM
The Korean girl is picked by the classmate light clothes torture video frequency net ascend crazy spread

The male female student of a flock of Korean junior high school strong line of school that takes off a female student takes to combine to collectively torment her a video frequency to expose on the net, immediately a stone arise 1000 F wave.

This video frequency has exposed in the main gate website since the 7th.At grow 1 divide the video frequency of more than 20 seconds in, a female student is in the small beard of living quarter together in drive strong line of take off schools to take, bare a top half, side have more than 20s the male female student to round a view.According to calculate, that video frequency may be a graduation ceremony on that day the students are at surrounding beard in the school together in cause Sao disorderly after, the residents in the small area by hand the machine clap next.

In the video frequency, after victimizing a female student to use the body that the clothes cover nudity, a female student immediately captures clothes and tear open, then throw away clothes.There is still the head that a female student unexpectedly goes toward to victimize a student up pouring ketchup.The student who rounds a view not only doesn't advise Zu those suddenly and violently of student, on the contrary clap and shout "bravo".The video frequency end is stripped nude of victimize a female student to cover body to be rattled ground to escape the spot with the broken up clothes.

The netizen who sees this video frequency unanimously appeals that the police launches a survey, they mean in succession:"This isn't jestingly, but violent behavior", "this kind of behavior just like is at the crime".
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